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Have the racing edge. These wheels have been designed and proven to give you the winning edge.

Dragster wheel set include 2 fronts and 2 backs

Race wheels (Set)

The balsa blanks have been cut and drilled ready for your students to use.

Balsa Blanks (Each)

These light weight PVC axles allow your wheels to spin freely and keep your dragster to the weight specifications. Axle hubs just cut to size.

Axles and push on Axle Hubs (Pkt 50)

These light gauge screw eyelets have been specially designed not to add extra weight to your dragster.

Screw Eyelets (Pkt 200)

SKU/Item Number: CO1

These CO2 Cartridges have been designed for safe use and to work every time.

CO2 Cartridges Pkt 50)

SKU/Item Number: STD 25

Standard kit contains the following: 25 wheel sets, 25 balsa blanks, 25 pairs of axles, 25 pairs of eyelets, 1 x 50 pkts CO2 cartridges. Great value.

Standard kit (Class Set 25)

Product List Co2 Dragsters

SKU/Item Number: W1

SKU/Item Number: B1

SKU/Item Number: A1

SKU/Item Number: E1

Deluxe kit  (class set 50)

Deluxe kit contains the following: 50 wheel sets, 50 balsa blanks, 50 pairs of axles, 50 pairs of eyelets, 2 x 50 pkts CO2 cartridges. Twice the fun and better value.

SKU/Item Number: DLX 50

Starter and finishing gates

This starter system has proven the test of time, its solid timber construction and reliable firing pins will give you success every time.

SKU/Item Number: S1


This electronic timer has been developed by Cds electronics specifically for our starting system. It will display the winning lane and displays times for both lanes. This timer is only available through Velocity Technology School Supplies.

SKU/Item Number: T1

Firing Pins (Pair)

These hardened tip firing pins have been specifically designed for our starting system and will not let you down.

SKU/Item Number: F1

Velocity Technology School Supplies

Learn and Live the dream

Complete Firing Unit (Pair)

Complete firing unit with hardened tips replacement part for our starting system.

SKU/Item Number: CFU1

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SKU/Item Number: PAC 50

CO2 Cartridges not included

SKU/Item Number: PAC 25

CO2 Cartridges not included